Bus Drivers on a Mission 

Did YOU KNOW that transit drivers  

are more likely to be depressed 

than people in just about any other job?

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Joys that lead to job satisfaction

  • I enjoy the independence of having no one looking over my shoulder. 
  • I meet lots of great people during my shifts.
  • I have all the tools I need to manage upsets when they happen.
  • I have good support from my fellow drivers. 
  • I am often recognized for the work I do.
  • I feel that I can make a difference to others in my job. 

Stresses that lead to depression

  • I often have challenging interactions with the public.
  • My job does not allow me much physical activity. 
  • There's often the possibility of physical assault in my job.
  • I am unable to go to the restroom whenever I need.
  • I am always eating on the run...often while I am driving.
  • The schedules are impossible to maintain. 


Got More Joys than Stresses: Bravo! 

If you feel you have all the tools and support you need...that's amazing because YOU are exactly the kind of proactive driver we are looking for. Come and be an inspirational and supportive member for your fellow brothers and sister in transit. So sign up now - it's completely free and you will be eligible for the early bird special when the club launches on April 1st. Come be a part real change. 

Got More Stresses than Joys: Ouch! 

Hey! It's not your fault! It can be a nasty world out there. It's because of over 21 years behind the wheel of a big city bus that Tommy Transit decided it was time to do something to support his fellow drivers. Sign up now - it's completely free and you will be eligible for the early bird special when the club launches on April 1st. Why suffer when you can get the support that will help you enjoy both your job and your life. 

Be part of a global change.

Join hundreds of other operators from around the globe in a supportive live online seminar. Post your questions and join in the discussion with Tommy Transit & others in the transit business. 

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What others are saying about Bus Drivers on a Mission:

The whole world comes through our doors...

...and we actually have an opportunity to make their day better. Who would think so much good, kindness, and beauty can be found on dirty streets on the poor side of town. I love how you encourage positivity and being there for our neighbors. This has become a strong concern of mine the longer I drive. 

R R //  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I just started the job 3 weeks ago...

I’m feeling nervous about having to approach angry people. Now, I’m going into this with a completely different approach. Thank you Tommy!

D M  //  New Driver, Seattle WA

Attitude is important and totally in your control 

I drive a Handydart and all of those customers have some kind of special need. It is important to be acknowledged as a regular person.  

A L  //  Driver, Chilliwack, Canada

Thank you for bringing in Tommy to speak.  

It was a message I needed to hear and I am going to work harder to bring kindness to all those I work with in the future.

J C  //  Tacoma,  WA

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