Bus Drivers on a Mission 

Did YOU KNOW that transit drivers  

are more likely to be depressed 

than people in just about any other job?

stressed bus driver

Is that true for you?

According to current studies, stress—especially unavoidable stress—leads to higher than normal rates of depression. If even two of the following are conditions are true for you, then you are under abnormally high levels of stress:  

  • Your job does not allow you much physical activity 
  • You have little control over the conditions on the job
  • There is the constant threat of exposure to disease 
  • There is the possibility of physical or verbal assault on the job
  • You are unable to take care of your basic needs: restroom & meal breaks whenever you need
  • The schedules set by the company are challenging to maintain
  • You are forced to work irregular or split shifts 
  • You work on national holidays which means you are not able to be with loved ones on important social occasions

  • Hey! It's not your fault! It can be a nasty world out there.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to live under stress all day long. There is no need to suffer when there are simple-to-learn and use methods to reduce stress. 

    Hi, I’m Tom Tompkins—aka Tommy Transit—and I know exactly what you’re going through because I spent over 21 years behind the wheel of a big city bus. After 10 years on the job, I was diagnosed with  clinical depression due to the unavoidable stresses of the job PLUS additional stresses in my personal life. Yeah, it sounds like a Country and Western song but my dog died, my wife and I divorced and I went through a bankruptcy. 

    One day, just stewing in my own misery, I came to my senses and I KNEW there had to be a better way! And that’s when I went looking for and discovered some amazing, but super simple techniques for managing the stresses in my life. 

    In 2012 I wrote and published my highly acclaimed book: Bus Tales: How to Change the World from 9 to 5 containing my personal story of how I turned my life around. Since then I have been contracted to give motivational talks and workshops to bus companies and small businesses all around the world. 

    But then I noticed something: my fellow drivers were NOT getting the support they needed to deal with the stresses in our industry. That's when I decided that If the companies and the unions were not going to do anything about it…then I would. 

    That is when I pulled together a team to create a program so unusual, so specifically designed for the  needs of transit operators that it is literally one-of-a-kind AND is NOT available ANYWHERE ELSE!

    The 5-week Transit Operator Stress Buster  Program

    In the 5-week Transit Operator Stress Buster  Program, you will have access to specialized information that is tailor geared to the unique needs of transit drivers. 

    One thing I know for sure: perspective is everything. That’s why we are taking the luxury of a leisurely 5 weeks to dive deeply into the complexity of the many issues that drivers face daily. Not only will we focus on how various stresses affect us physically, but we also examine how we unknowingly add stress to stress through our mental reactions. 

    With the 5 Week Stress Buster Course you will learn how easy it is to be in control of your own well-being at all times. 

    An unexpected benefit of the Stress Buster course is that when you learn how to manage stress in one part of your life, you benefit in ALL aspects of your life. People who regularly implement these techniques report better connection with their family, more fun on the job and a happier outlook in general. 

    This is a 2020 offer - a year that has brought EVEN MORE stress than ever - especially for transit drivers. AND as this is our first ever course for drivers, we are offering you a no-brainer deal because your feedback will help perfect this course for subsequent drivers. Take advantage of this low 2020 pricing NOW. On Jan. 1st 2021 the price goes up to $497. 

    What others are saying about the Stress Buster Program

    The whole world comes through our doors...

    ...and we actually have an opportunity to make their day better. Who would think so much good, kindness, and beauty can be found on dirty streets on the poor side of town. I love how you encourage positivity and being there for our neighbors. This has become a strong concern of mine the longer I drive. 

    R R //  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    I just started the job 3 weeks ago...

    I’m feeling nervous about having to approach angry people. Now, I’m going into this with a completely different approach. Thank you Tommy!

    D M  //  New Driver, Seattle WA

    Attitude is important and totally in your control 

    I drive a Handydart and all of those customers have some kind of special need. It is important to be acknowledged as a regular person.  

    A L  //  Driver, Chilliwack, Canada

    Thank you for bringing in Tommy to speak.  

    It was a message I needed to hear and I am going to work harder to bring kindness to all those I work with in the future.

    J C  //  Tacoma,  WA

    Be part of a global change.

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